Why Kudos?

Improve Employee Culture, Engagement, & Performance

Meet Your Goals & Drive Business ROI

Increase Employee Retention

With Kudos, your business will build a culture that celebrates its wins big or small.  By routinely acknowledging the work of your team members, you’ll find that more of your high potential team members will stick around rather than looking elsewhere.

"Kudos has changed our culture of reward and recognition in our organisation. In our last employee engagement survey, we jumped 10 percentage points in the number of employees reporting they were happy with the recognition they received for their contributions and accomplishments."

Belinda Sproules
Executive Assistant to the CEO, Lochard Energy

Decrease Presenteeism & Absenteeism

Using Kudos to promote engagement within your team will decrease presenteeism and absenteeism within your company. When you're seeing a noticeable rise in sick days or people coughing and sneezing around the office, it’s time to look at the underlying problem.  When employees are engaged, they want to work harder and smarter. Peer-to-Peer Recognition drives this by encouraging positive, productive behaviour. 

Create an Amazing Workplace Culture

Strengthen Behavioural Integrity

Rewarding positive behaviours such as safety compliance with recognition is a sure way to ensure that more members of your team will want to get on board.

“We wanted a way for employees to recognize each other for day-to-day behaviors that exemplify our core values. It’s the little things the workforce does that often goes unnoticed that need to be recognized to really keep people engaged. With Kudos, we now have a system where, a few times a month, employees can sit down and praise their co-workers for their accomplishments, big and small.”

Scott Wildeman
VP Operations - 
World Health - International Fitness Holdings  

Improve Happiness

The overall happiness of your employees affects nearly every single aspect of your business. Employees that are recognized for what they do generally report feeling happier overall about their work, resulting in more productivity, better workplace relationships, longer tenures, and more.

“We’ve seen a noticeable upswing in morale and staff member recognition through the Kudos program. People look forward to the recognition and appreciation almost as much as the rewards we acquire through the point system! Kudos has definitely brought our group, which is spread across multiple locations, together even more closely.”

Eric Eigenfeld 
Marketing Representative - 
Dane County Credit Union

Build Unification

There’s nothing like Peer-to-Peer Recognition to bring a company together - especially if your business is spread across multiple geographic areas. Recognition frees your employees to connect with each other and celebrate the successes of co-workers even if they are a continent or an ocean away.

"Before Kudos, our management team was not in the habit of thanking or recognizing achievements. It [Kudos] really changed our culture. Now we’re reaping the benefits of giving recognition and our 500-person team feels like more of a neighborhood. The Kudos staff have been great from start to finish, helping us with anything we needed."

Lisa Portis
Training Manager / Swinomish Casino

Boost Performance

customer satisfaction
Increase Customer Satisfaction

By recognizing your employees for delivering excellent customer service, you’re sending a message that employees who perform to that standard will be recognized. When you create motivation for your employees to work to a high standard of customer service, the end result is a happier customer and a longer, more rewarding business relationship.

“At the Calgary Chamber, we love Kudos.  We are a strong values based culture and Kudos enables us to recognize each other for living those values.  It is a fun, interactive, and engaging way to thank, appreciate, and celebrate when each has done something special.”

Adam Legge
President - Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Promote Innovation

With Kudos, you and your employees will naturally begin to create visibility around innovative achievements and strategic behaviours. When innovation results in recognition, that recognition drives more innovation. 

"Kudos has helped us with our mission of delivering a Bold Digital World to our internal customers.  I recommend Kudos to all organizations as it is instant, on the go and a fun platform that is very much transparent."

Lonwabo Budaza
Recognition Specialist - MTN Group


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