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Our Integrations

Kudos integrates quickly and easily with your favorite platforms to help your people continue to do great work. Make your sharing, communication and collaboration tools even stronger by never missing a “thank you” opportunity again.

Featured Integration - Workday® HCM

Easy User Provisioning and Data Sync

Let Workday do the work of adding new users to Kudos for you! Using this integration, new employees will automatically be added into Kudos and removed when they leave. Changes to employee information are automatically pushed into Kudos daily.

Integrations Bring Kudos Where You Work

slack channels
Slack: Bring the Power of Kudos Right to your Favourite Slack Channel

Whether you want to check out your recognition feed or send recognition within Slack, our Slack integration brings the power of Kudos right to your favourite Slack channel. Our Kudos Bot is always there to lend a helping hand!

sharepoint icon
Microsoft Sharepoint: Use Kudos Right Inside Sharepoint

Bring the full power and functionality of Kudos right into your Microsoft SharePoint instance.  Whether you want a full page experience or a more widget-like experience.  The choice is yours.

gmail icon
Gmail: Recognize Right From Your Inbox

Many companies now take advantage of Gmail’s simplicity and usability for corporate email management, calendars and virtual meetings. To keep things equally simple and easy, integrating with Kudos enables you to view Kudos activity, messages and send meaningful recognition right from your email inbox.

zendesk icon
Zendesk: Give Kudos for Great Customer Service

Integrated users never have to divide their attention between outstanding customer service and taking the time to saying “thank you”. Build a culture of excellence in customer service and support by sending Kudos from directly within the Zendesk platform. Your happy team will thank you!

Social Integrations

linkedin icon
LinkedIn: Get a Professional Opinion

Integrating LinkedIn and Kudos together lets users showcase the recognition and accolades they receive to their extended professional network. This integration gives you the opportunity to celebrate your company, show off your culture to a broad network and share the best recognition with the professional world.

User Identity & Access Management

Single Sign On (SSO) & User Provisioning

With Kudos SSO integrations, your team members can log in using services like OneLogin or Microsoft Azure Active Directory to cut the time spent logging in.

okta icon
bitium icon
onelogin logo
One Login
pingIdentity icon
Ping Identity
azuread icon
Microsoft Azure AD
saas icon
SaaS Pass
OAuth Accessibility

If your organization uses Yammer, LinkedIn, Google or G-Suite, or Microsoft, you can log in using your existing credentials for those services!

yammer icon
Microsoft Yammer
linkedin icon
sso google

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image addons

Boost Recognition with Browser Add-Ons

Browser Add-Ons are the little buttons that live on your web browser’s toolbar that can enhance functionality to unlimited levels. Add-Ons allow you to quickly send Kudos without having to change web pages, open a new tab, or even go into the main Kudos application. They’re timesavers that will send recognition soaring!

chrome icon

Google Chrome
Install Add-On

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Internet Explorer
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