Thank Different®

Pausing to Say "Thank You" Says A Lot About You

Thank Different®

Each day, thousands of people across the globe take a very important moment to send Kudos to their teammates and employees. It’s a simple act that satisfies the simple human desire to feel appreciated and recognized. Now, imagine if every single person in the world did that every single day. We believe it can change everything. In fact, we’re working to make sure it does!

When you travel to a foreign country, chances are you learn at least three phrases before you go: Yes, No and Thank You. Think about why that is? Why is "thank you" an essential part of human communication? Because recognizing someone for the good they’ve done brings a feeling of happiness and belonging to both parties, and it’s contagious. Try it today. Take a second and give thanks.

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With Kudos there’s no barrier, only the potential for changing the world one thank you at a time™.