Kudos Authorized Partners

Kudos Authorized Partner Program

Join Our Global Partner Program

Kudos Authorized Partners are selected for their quality of service, expertise, and ability to deliver business solutions to our clients.

Software Partner:
  • Software is your core business
  • You pride yourself on designing and building world class software
  • Your clients require integration into our ecosystem
Services Partner:
  • Professional business services are your core business
  • You live to deliver best-in-class services
  • Your clients require Employee Experience and Recognition Software

Kudos Authorized Partners

The Kudos Authorized Partner Program is perfect for those who can promote Employee Engagement Solutions directly to their customers. Kudos Partners are industry experts and specialists with a core belief that culture and recognition are essential to business success. Each partner has gone through extensive training on our system & philosophy so that they can plan and execute effective programs around employee engagement, complementing their other core services and earning fast commissions.

omb logo

Specialties: Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Franchise Operations & Marketing 

Location: Toronto, Canada

Website: http://www.ombdynamix.com/ 

Pound Consulting logo

Specialties: Organizational Turnaround, Continuous Improvement & Business Evolution, Business Transformation

Location: Calgary, Canada

Website: http://poundglobal.com/

gift logo shrink

Specialties: Service Awards, Employee Recognition & Rewards, Recognition Consulting

Location: Ireland

Website: http://www.giftinnovations.ie/

 MFL Consulting

Specialties: Transforming Organizational Culture, Team Engagement, Leadership Capacity Building, Workforce Productivity

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

CML Logo

Specialties: Human Capital Development, Organizational Development, Workforce Wellness & Mental Health, Management Consulting

Location: Philippines & Southeast Asia

Website: http://cml-intl.com


Specialties: Change Management, Organizational Design, Training, Competency-Based HR

Location: Philippines & Southeast Asia

Website: http://www.ancillaedc.com.ph/