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Analytics & Reporting

Get In-depth Analytics & Reporting

Understand your team’s dynamics and support HR processes.

Run detailed reports at any time to get a high-level overview on company engagement levels. Drill down and segment information based on individuals, departments, locations, or types of messages sent. Reports can be printed and/or exported to support other company initiatives such as performance management reviews. Check out each team member’s changing KQ on a regular basis for a visual representation of their greatest strengths.

How Does Kudos Help?


IQ? Nope. This is your KQ! It’s a revolutionary visual representation of your top Kudos qualities and your level of engagement. Your KQ will grow and change as you receive Kudos messages, and the center of your KQ will grow as you give recognition. Each user’s KQ is displayed on their personal profile, and as such, is instrumental in both team management and performance management purposes.

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Gain detailed insight into your organization’s engagement levels and team dynamics. With Kudos Reports, you can filter the frequency, geography, type, and level of Kudos messages sent and received, and print off reports for administrational use. You also have access to every user’s individual KQ, and any Reward transactions conducted by Admins.

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The Kudos Engagement Dashboard provides a quick and easy glimpse into your organization’s engagement levels and interactions. Determine point usage, activity, collaboration between users, and rewards levels. Gain a deeper understanding of your team as a dynamic unit with the organizational KQ, and check out who is setting the bar for recognition with group leader boards.

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